Our Story

A firearms career inspired an engineer to design jewelry

Joe Wall Design is a jewelry company that solves modern day style problems for firearm owners.  Inspired by the very firearms that you love, we create high quality, luxury products that firearm owners can use to elevate their look and feel like their best authentic self.


Husband and wife team Joe and Christen Wall never found our personal style to fit the mold of the traditional firearm owner.  We set out to change what it means to be a modern firearm owner.  We have style, and enjoy luxury too.  But there was never an option that combined these desires.  With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing firearms, we took my eye for firearm design detail and applied it to jewelry design and from there, Joe Wall Design was born!   We exist to help modern firearm owners like you elevate your style and share your love of shooting sports in a way that inspires confidence and commitment to yourself, your family, and your community.  


Joe Wall Design takes the guesswork out of style for you through carefully crafted products inspired by iconic firearm symbols designed to help you thrive.  Joe Wall’s products are designed to elevate, inspire confidence, and support you in your everyday lifestyle by giving you powerful amulets to share your story.  We help today’s modern firearm owners like you feel good about who you are and how you look so you can show up at your very best – at home, work, and in your community.  To create and cultivate a better future today and for the next generation, firearm owners must feel supported, seen, and heard, and Joe Wall Design helps you do just that.


We are a brand that believes modern firearm owners shouldn’t have to choose between owning guns and having style.  We want our brand to represent the relationship between timeless firearm design and style for today’s modern firearm enthusiasts to bring people together.  Our values are rooted in community, education, authenticity, patriotism, and freedom.


Our products are designed to help firearm owners elevate their style and to bring out their best selves each day.  Our products are safe, hypoallergenic, and perfect for both men and women.  You’ll notice right away that choosing style that speaks to your passions brings happiness, confidence, and lets us shine.